We’re Watching To Make Sure State Legislatures Don’t Permit Religion To Be Used To Discriminate

Religious Freedom laws should be a shield to protect religious freedom, not a sword used to harm others. But this year, as in past sessions, legislators continue to introduce so-called religious freedom bills that would allow taxpayer-funded social service providers, individuals, and businesses to use religion to discriminate and deny people their rights.

Spotlight On: Overly Broad Pastor Protection Acts

Pastor Protection Acts generally state that the government may not require clergy or houses of worship to perform marriages or host marriage ceremonies that would conflict with their faith. We believe that these bills are unnecessary because the Free Exercise Clause of the U.S. Constitution already guarantees as much, and we don’t oppose them if the language is actually limited to that purpose.

Florida Republicans Considering LGBT Anti-Discrimination Bill

While Florida is no stranger to anti-LGBT legislation, it looks like there might be some light coming from the Sunshine State after all.

Worried About Legislation in Your State? Stay Informed Using PTN’s New State Bill Tracker

As state legislatures gather across the country to start their 2016 legislative sessions, Protect Thy Neighbor is gearing up to monitor and fight legislation that would allow individuals, businesses, and government employees to harm others in the name of religion. Now, you can follow along too by using PTN’s new legislative tracking page. Keep up with the latest news, bill information, and ways to take action in the states and on the federal level. We will update the status of the bills in our state tracker every Tuesday and Friday, and will also continue to provide you with latest legislative news as it occurs.

A Glimpse Inside The Suprisingly Widespread Religious Arbitration Movement

A young man died of a drug overdose after his mysterious release from a Christian treatment center. Rather than going through the judicial system, the contract he signed requires his family to find justice through Christian arbitration. Turns out the contractually mandated use of religious mediation is more widespread than anyone would have thought.

Florida Representative Files Wide-Spread Anti-LGBT Bill

Have you heard of Florida Man? Well, this time Florida Man is a Venice lawmaker and he filed a controversial anti-LGBT religious freedom bill into the Florida legislature.