Texas State Senate Passes Dangerous Adoption Bill In Final Days Of Legislative Session

The Texas legislature only meets every other year. So, with the last day of session rapidly approaching, the past few days—yes, even including the weekend—have been wild. And the result: a lot of harmful policies are closer to becoming law.

Federal Appeals Court Should Rule Religion Can’t Be Used As Excuse To Discriminate Against Gavin Grimm And Other Transgender Students

Gavin Grimm didn’t ask to be the face of the fight for transgender civil rights in America. But that’s just what he became when he asked his Virginia high school to recognize his humanity.

Another Loss For Those Wanting To Use Religion As An Excuse To Discriminate

Today the Kentucky Court of Appeals (the state’s intermediate appellate court) issued an opinion in another one of the series of cases involving a commercial business claiming it could refuse to serve a customer based on the religious beliefs of the owner. And it’s a loss for those who want to use religion to sidestep nondiscrimination laws.

Trump Administration Says It Will "Reassess" Key Parts Of Healthcare Law's Protections For Women And LGBTQ People

The executive order signed by President Donald Trump wasn’t the only action taken last week by the Trump Administration to signal its intent to roll back key protections against discrimination in the Affordable Care Act under the guise of religious freedom.

Alabama Enacts Two Laws That Could Allow Discrimination Against People In The Name Of Religion

Under the guise of “religious freedom,” Alabama has enacted two laws in the last ten days that are aimed at allowing discrimination against LGBTQ couples and women. Religious freedom is a fundamental American value. It guarantees us the right to believe—or not—as we see fit. It does not, however, grant anyone the right to use religion to discriminate or harm others.


Trump's Executive Order Continues The Assault On Religious Freedom

Yesterday, during his National Day of Prayer ceremony in the White House Rose Garden, President Donald Trump continued his assault on religious freedom by signing an executive order. In a speech that reads more like a fake viral email than a presidential address, Donald Trump substituted showmanship for sincerity: While claiming to protect religious liberty, he trampled it.

Equality Act: Equality The Right Way

US Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Oregon) and US Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) today introduced the Equality Act, which would protect LGBTQ people from discrimination. It builds on our nation’s tradition of expanding civil-rights protections to ensure that more of our neighbors are protected from discrimination based on who they are.

AU And Allies: Michigan Funeral Home Can’t Use Religion To Justify Discrimination Against Transgender Employee

Americans United and our allies—76 faith leaders and 13 religious and civil-rights organizations—filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in support of a transgender woman who was fired because of her boss's religious beliefs about gender identity.

Texas "Religious Freedom" Bills Could Discriminate Against Children And Families

Americans United supports true religious freedom—the freedom to believe or not believe according to your own conscience. SB 892 and HB 3859 pervert this cherished American right, allowing taxpayer-funded child-welfare agencies to use their religious beliefs to harm children who need a caring home and the families that long to provide one for them.

Why We’re Fighting Religion-Based Discrimination in West Virginia

This post was written by Samantha Brookover and Amanda Abramovich of West Virginia, the two plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit Americans United and our allies filed today in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of West Virginia.

North Carolina Legislators Try (And Fail) To Ban Marriage Equality

On Tuesday, just before the filing deadline for bills for the North Carolina legislature’s regular session, state GOP legislators introduced a ridiculous anti-LGBTQ bill, HB 780, which would ban marriage for same-sex couples. Less than 24 hours later, House Speaker Tim Moore declared that the bill would not advance, effectively killing this misguided legislation.

Federal Court Rulings Are Important Victories For LGBTQ Community. Now We Must Fight To Protect Them

This week's rulings in federal court are undoubtedly huge victories for the LGBTQ community. It also means that now’s the time to be even more vigilant in protecting against efforts to undermine the progress towards full LGBTQ equality.