We’re Watching To Make Sure State Legislatures Don’t Permit Religion To Be Used To Discriminate

Religious Freedom laws should be a shield to protect religious freedom, not a sword used to harm others. But this year, as in past sessions, legislators continue to introduce so-called religious freedom bills that would allow taxpayer-funded social service providers, individuals, and businesses to use religion to discriminate and deny people their rights.

PTN Looks Back On The Five Biggest Religious Freedom Stories Of 2016

As 2016 comes to an end, we’re looking back at the biggest religious freedom stories of the past year. 

Congress Should Learn From FADA Backlash In The States

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform announced that it will hold a hearing on HR 2802, the deceptively named First Amendment Defense Act (FADA), on July 12. The Committee’s decision to hold this hearing is surprising given the backlash that states have faced when trying to pass and enact their own FADA legislation

Accommodating Transgender Students In Public Schools Is Nothing New

What happens when a school district allows a transgender student to use the bathroom consistent with his or her gender identity? According to a recent article in The Miami Heraldnot much.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of The 2016 State Sessions, Part 1: The Good

Over the next two days, we will be reviewing the good, the bad, and the ugly of the 2016 state sessions. Today’s post will cover the good— harmful bills that were stopped. 

Last Week In Review: April 18–22

Here is some of the big legislative news from last week and some bills to watch for the week ahead. 


Missouri Legislature Pushes Back Vote On Anti-LGBT Constitutional Amendment

Expecting that the House Emerging Issues Committee would be holding a vote on the resolution on Wednesday evening, opponents of Missouri's problematic SJR 39 were let-down when the committee postponed what was predicted to be a close vote until next week.

Read Our Missouri SJR 39 House Committee Hearing Storify!

Did you miss the four and a half hour House committee hearing that stretched deep into the night on Tuesday, April 12? Don't worry– you can catch up on our Storify, where we bring you video, commentary, and tweets from the night's events. 

Last Week in Review: April 4–8

Here is some of the big state legislative news that occurred last week and what we expect to see moving this week.


Businesses A Powerful Force In The Fight Against "Religious Freedom" Bills

This week, businesses across the country are taking a stand against discrimination.

First Openly Gay NFL Player Michael Sam Opposes Missouri's SJR 39

Former University of Missouri football star and the NFL's first openly gay player Michael Sam has written an op-ed in the Columbia Daily Tribune opposing SJR 39, Missouri's constitutional amendment bill that would sanction discrimination. 

Last Week in Review: March 28 – April 1

Here is some of the big state legislative news that occurred last week and what we expect to see moving this week.

St Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial Board Against Missouri Discrimination Bill

The Editorial Board of the St Louis Post-Dispatch has come out against SJR 39,  a bill that would enshrine discrimination based on sincerely held religious beliefs in the Missouri constitution. In an editorial published this weekend, the paper urges lawmakers to let the bill die in the legislature.