Protect Thy Neighbor is monitoring and fighting federal legislation and regulations that would allow individuals, businesses, and government employees to harm others in the name of religion. Most policy proposals would allow discrimination against LGBTQ Americans and deny access to reproductive healthcare, but they have other negative and far reaching consequences as well. We also follow bills and regulations that would push back against efforts to use religion to harm others.  Below, you can learn more about key bills, regulations, and policies. 



Religious Freedom Restoration Act

This bill would preserve RFRA's power to protect religious freedom but also clarify that it may not be used to harm others. 


These bills would allow or even require government employees, for-profit business, or government contractors and grantees to discriminate against same-sex couples who are married or seeking to marry. 


These bills would allow government-funded agencies to deprive children of safe, loving, and happy families in order to facilitate religion-based discrimination against families with LGBTQ or single parents.


These bills would allow individuals or businesses to withhold healthcare and health insurance from certain patients (most often LGBTQ and women patients) or for certain services and products (most often related to reproductive health).


These bills would bar colleges and universities from enforcing nondiscrimination policies that apply to student religious clubs.


These bills would allow government employees or taxpayer-funded entities to discriminate against those they hire or serve, or to withhold certain services (such as reproductive care) even if otherwise required by law.