Uncovering Project Blitz: Fighting A Secret, Coordinated Legislative Strategy To Undermine Religious Freedom In The States

Every legislative session, AU tracks hundreds of state bills that, if passed, would undermine religious freedom in nearly every state. We often see trends arise across states. Lawmakers in different states introduce similar bills, and sometimes even the same exact bills with the same exact language. And we can usually figure out why that happens: conservative lobbying groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and state Focus on the Family affiliates often shop model bills around to state legislators, who then introduce these model bills in their states. The lobbying groups also share strategies with legislators to help pass their bills. The result: Similar harmful bills appear and pass in many different states in a nationwide onslaught.

Here Are The Top Ten Church-State Stories From 2017

There’s no denying that 2017 was a tough year for advocates of religious freedom and church-state separation. Yet despite the barrage of assaults from the Donald Trump-Mike Pence administration, Americans United saw important victories in and out of court.

Roy Moore Won’t Be Joining The US Senate. Here’s Why That’s A Good Thing

The people of Alabama did America a favor last night by voting against Roy Moore for a seat in the US Senate. Moore is just what we don’t need right now. His disdain for fundamental American values—from religious freedom to civil rights and equality to the rule of law—makes him a danger to our democracy.

Michigan Law Allowing State-Contracted Foster Care Organizations To Use Religion As Excuse To Turn Away Families Challenged In Court

Religious freedom is about fairness. It’s not fair to the children who will remain in foster care longer when state contractors use religion to reject qualified families who want to provide safe, loving homes.

Alabama Enacts Two Laws That Could Allow Discrimination Against People In The Name Of Religion

Under the guise of “religious freedom,” Alabama has enacted two laws in the last ten days that are aimed at allowing discrimination against LGBTQ couples and women. Religious freedom is a fundamental American value. It guarantees us the right to believe—or not—as we see fit. It does not, however, grant anyone the right to use religion to discriminate or harm others.


PTN Looks Back On The Five Biggest Religious Freedom Stories Of 2016

As 2016 comes to an end, we’re looking back at the biggest religious freedom stories of the past year. 

Alabama's Suspended Chief Justice Roy Moore Could Be Heading To The U.S. Senate

Thought you had heard the last of Alabama's suspended Chief Justice Roy Moore? Think again. When we last left the embattled judge, the Alabama Court of the Judiciary found him guilty of ethics violations after he issued an order to probate judges implying that they could ignore the Supreme Court's 2015 marriage equality decision. Now Roy Moore could be in a position of power again— this time in the U.S. Senate.

Roy Moore, Alabama’s Anti-Gay Chief Justice, Stands Trial For Ethics Violations

Alabama’s anti-gay chief justice, Roy Moore, was on trial before a state ethics board yesterday. He stands accused of instructing Alabama officials to defy the U.S. Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision. Based on media reports, it seems the longtime foe of Americans United didn’t make a very strong case for keeping his job.

Accountability In Alabama: No One Is Above The Law, Chief Justice Moore

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by disgraced Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore and Liberty Counsel against the Judicial Inquiry Commission (JIC). Here's a reminder about why the Justice Moore is in trouble in the first place.

No Moore, Please: Ala. Chief Justice May Be Removed From The Bench

Word broke late Friday night that Roy Moore, chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, may be on the verge of losing his job – again.

Trials And Tribulations: Controversial Ala. Judge Says He Should Stay On The Bench

Alabama’s infamous anti-gay, “Ten Commandments” judge seems to think ethics complaints against him are politically motivated and should be dropped.

Last Week in Review: April 4–8

Here is some of the big state legislative news that occurred last week and what we expect to see moving this week.


Last Week In Review: March 14–19

Last week, we saw bill movement in Georgia, Colorado, Alabama, and Tennessee. Find out more about these movements and what to expect this week in Last Week in Review.


Alabama Legislature Packs Multiple False Religious Liberty Bills Into One Day

The House Committee on Health will hold a hearing on HB 158, the “Alabama Child Care Provider Inclusion Act,” which would allow organizations that provide adoption and child placement services the ability to “refrain from conduct that conflicts with their sincerely held religious beliefs.” 

Moore Shenanigans: U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Alabama High Court’s Latest Bid To Undermine Equality

Spare a thought for Roy Moore.

Moore likely thought that as chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court he’d finally have the authority to enforce God’s moral law. Theocracy has, after all, been the raison d’etre of his career. But our secular legal system – or Satan, depending on who you ask – has thwarted him at every turn.