Florida Republicans Considering LGBT Anti-Discrimination Bill

While Florida is no stranger to anti-LGBT legislation, it looks like there might be some light coming from the Sunshine State after all.

From FOX 35:

When it comes to LGBT issues, Florida's Republican lawmakers are known more for trying to keep transgender people out of bathrooms, protect pastors from marrying same-sex couples and seek exemptions for private adoption agencies who don't want to place children with gay and lesbian couples.

But this year, some Republican lawmakers are backing a bill that would give lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender residents the protection against discrimination...

It's not that Republicans as a whole have suddenly become gay friendly. Far from it. While the anti-discrimination bill would be the most far-reaching gay rights legislation enacted in Florida, there is a Republican-sponsored bill that would allow health care providers and hospitals to refuse treatment of gays based on religious beliefs. The same bill would allow any individual to refuse service to gay customers based on their personal religious beliefs. And there are House and Senate bills that would change Florida law to say churches can't be forced to marry same-sex couples.

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