Uncovering Project Blitz: Fighting A Secret, Coordinated Legislative Strategy To Undermine Religious Freedom In The States

Every legislative session, AU tracks hundreds of state bills that, if passed, would undermine religious freedom in nearly every state. We often see trends arise across states. Lawmakers in different states introduce similar bills, and sometimes even the same exact bills with the same exact language. And we can usually figure out why that happens: conservative lobbying groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and state Focus on the Family affiliates often shop model bills around to state legislators, who then introduce these model bills in their states. The lobbying groups also share strategies with legislators to help pass their bills. The result: Similar harmful bills appear and pass in many different states in a nationwide onslaught.

Accommodating Transgender Students In Public Schools Is Nothing New

What happens when a school district allows a transgender student to use the bathroom consistent with his or her gender identity? According to a recent article in The Miami Heraldnot much.

"Duck Dynasty" Star Stumps For Ted Cruz, Wants to "Rid The Earth" Of Marriage Equality Supporters

There's more than one reality television star making news in political circles for being hateful today. "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson essentially called for the eradication of marriage equality supporters while touring Iowa for Ted Cruz.

Iowa Representative Believes LGBT Anti-Bullying Conference Perverts The Bible

Iowa Representative Bobby Kaufmann does not approve of gay people, and he certainly does not approve of state funds being used to transport LGBT children to The Governor’s Conference on LGBTQ Youth, a gathering in which educators, students and parents work together to fight suicide and bullying throughout Iowa's schools.

Bad Decision: Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Non-Profit Religious Accommodation For Contraception Coverage

In a baffling decision, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals has decided to strike down the ACA contraception accommodations for religious non-profits in the case of Dordt College v. Burwell. 

Ted Cruz Predicts That Anti-Christian Persecution Will Soon Be Arriving In A Town Near You

Fresh off his rally for "religious freedom" in Iowa, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz warned an audience at the South Carolina "We Stand With God" rally that anti-Christian persecution, like the kind that terrorizes Christian businesses who refuse to serve same-sex couples, might be coming for their state.

Ted Cruz Inspired By Business Owners Who Refused to Host Wedding for Same-Sex Couple

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz released a video today featuring Dick and Betty Odgaard, a straight Iowa couple who refused to rent their bistro to a same-sex couple for their wedding back in 2013.