Utah Lawmaker Coughs And Sneezes Long Enough To Kill Anti-LGBT Bill

Utah Senator Jim Dabakis successfully stalled voting on an anti-LGBT bill long enough to kill it by coughing and sneezing for three minutes.

Utah Foster Care & Adoption Bills Two Steps Forward, One Step Back For LGBT Community

Two bills foster care and adoption laws filed in Utah reflect the cautious nature of a state that struggles to split the difference between a vocal LGBT community and the pervasive power of the LDS church.

Opponents Of Same-Sex Parenting Twist Science To Agree With Ideology

A Los Angeles Times op-ed tackles why opponents of same-sex parents need erroneous research to push their agenda. Unsurprisingly, for some people ideology comes before the well-being of children.

Utah Judge Removes Foster Child From LGBT Couple, Cites Unnamed Scientific Studies

A controversial Utah judge has come under fire for removing a baby from its same-sex foster parents based on unnamed scientific studies and (allegedly) his own religious beliefs.