Utah Foster Care & Adoption Bills Two Steps Forward, One Step Back For LGBT Community

Two bills foster care and adoption laws filed in Utah reflect the cautious nature of a state that struggles to split the difference between a vocal LGBT community and the pervasive power of the LDS church.

From FOX13:

A pair of bills are being filed in the Utah State Legislature dealing with the words "husband" and "wife."

One bill drops them from Utah foster care and adoption law, reflecting the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage. The other could potentially give a "preference" to heterosexual couples in foster care and adoptions, but also add same-sex couples to state law.

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This isn't the first time Utah lawmakers have had to walk the fine line between civil rights and religion. Just last March, the state passed what has been called the Utah Compromise, a bill backed by Mormon church leaders that both granted civil rights to LGBT Utahns and allowed for discrimination based on religious beliefs. In a state where 60% of residents identify as Mormons, it might take a long, slow series of compromises for the LGBT community to achieve full equality.