Opponents Of Same-Sex Parenting Twist Science To Agree With Ideology

A Los Angeles Times op-ed tackles why opponents of same-sex parents need erroneous research to push their agenda. Unsurprisingly, for some people ideology comes before the well-being of children.

From Los Angeles Times:

One of the primary justifications invoked for limiting gay parental rights is “science.” In Utah, Judge Scott Johansen's initial order referred to social science research showing that children do better with a mom and a dad than with same-sex parents. In Kansas, state Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook, a Republican who opposes gay marriage, explained her objections to same-sex foster parents this way: “It's too bad that these children have become the subject of political correctness instead of looking at the scientific evidence.”

But a closer look shows that what is being cited as “science” in these situations is anything but. In fact, flawed scholarship is being used as a smokescreen to create the illusion of legitimate debate where none exists.

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