South Carolina

South Carolina Seeks A Right To Use Religion To Discriminate

Religious freedom is a fundamental value, but it does not permit government-funded providers to discriminate against the children and families they are supposed to serve.

No, Ted Cruz, Kids Can't Get Sent To Jail For Mentioning Jesus In School

Ted Cruz is 100% wrong to say that student Angela Hildenbrand was threatened with jail time for mentioning Jesus in school. Make sure to click through to the article to see our own Greg Lipper laying some truth on the supposed government "war on Christianity".

Ted Cruz Predicts That Anti-Christian Persecution Will Soon Be Arriving In A Town Near You

Fresh off his rally for "religious freedom" in Iowa, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz warned an audience at the South Carolina "We Stand With God" rally that anti-Christian persecution, like the kind that terrorizes Christian businesses who refuse to serve same-sex couples, might be coming for their state.

Big Bill: S.C. Ordered To Pay $135,000 In Legal Fees After Losing Marriage Equality Case

Now that marriage equality is officially on the books in the United States, the bills racked up by state officials who decided to listen to the Religious Right in defense of a lost cause are coming due. One of those debts is apparently pretty large, as a federal judge just ordered South Carolina to pay $135,000 in fees.