Notre Dame’s Latest Decision Denies Students Their Right To Contraception

The University of Notre Dame has announced that its insurance plans for students and faculty will cover some, but not all, forms of contraception. The school's announcement is both discouraging and confusing.

One Of More Than 200,000 Stories Explaining Why The Trump Administration Must Put Patients First

Today, Americans United joined allies to deliver more than 200,000 comments from people objecting to the Trump administration proposal to create a sweeping religious exemption for healthcare providers that would allow them to use religion to justify denying healthcare to patients.

Time Is Running Out: Tell Trump Administration A Patient’s Health Should Always Come First

If you think that healthcare providers should always put patients first and that providers’ religious beliefs should never dictate patient care, we need you to tell the Trump administration today.

Tell The Trump Administration: A Patient’s Health Should Always Come First

If you think that healthcare providers should always put patients first and that providers’ religious beliefs should never dictate patient care, we need you to tell the Trump administration today.

Standing Together For The Separation Of Church And State

Rachel Laser, Americans United’s new executive director, introduces herself and her vision for building a coalition of advocates who understand that church-state separation is the foundation of religious freedom for all.

Notre Dame Flip-Flops Again, Will Deny Women Access To Some Forms Of Birth Control

The University of Notre Dame has flip-flopped again: Notre Dame President the Rev. John Jenkins announced this month that university-sponsored health insurance plans for students and staff will stop covering some forms of birth control. The decision will affect more than 17,000 people who rely on the school for health insurance.

In A Victory For The Women We Represented, Americans United Dismisses Challenge To Harmful Contraception Rules

Today, Americans United dismissed our lawsuit challenging harmful rules issued by the Trump administration in October 2017 that allow employers and universities to cite religious or moral objections in order to deny employees and students health insurance coverage of contraception. Although the rules still remain in effect, our plaintiffs will have access to birth control due to some fortuitous events.

How To Translate Trump’s State Of The Union Address

Tonight, President Donald Trump will deliver his State of the Union address to Congress and the American public. As he’s done in speech after speech during the first year of his presidency, he’ll likely claim he’s protecting religious freedom when in reality he’s doing the exact opposite by advancing policies that promote discrimination in the name of religion, politicize houses of worship, and compel taxpayers to fund religious schools.

The Trump Administration Plans To Allow Religion-Based Discrimination In Your Healthcare

The Trump Administration today is expected release yet another new rule aimed at allowing religion to be used to discriminate against women and LGBTQ people. 

We’re Watching To Make Sure State Legislatures Don’t Permit Religion To Be Used To Discriminate

Religious Freedom laws should be a shield to protect religious freedom, not a sword used to harm others. But this year, as in past sessions, legislators continue to introduce so-called religious freedom bills that would allow taxpayer-funded social service providers, individuals, and businesses to use religion to discriminate and deny people their rights.

On Religious Freedom Day, Let’s Recommit To Defend That Vital Principle

Today we celebrate Religious Freedom Day. After nearly a year of the Trump-Pence administration’s unwavering attacks on the freedom of religion and belief, some might wonder what there is to celebrate. But today, we can be thankful for the fact that Americans United has been successful in fighting many of the administration’s reckless assaults on this core freedom.

Here Are The Top Ten Church-State Stories From 2017

There’s no denying that 2017 was a tough year for advocates of religious freedom and church-state separation. Yet despite the barrage of assaults from the Donald Trump-Mike Pence administration, Americans United saw important victories in and out of court.

A Federal Agency Is Hiding Public Comments About Its Policies Concerning Faith-Based Organizations. AU Would Like To Know Why.

It looks like the overwhelming response saying that it’s a bad idea to give federal contractors and grantees religious exemptions that allow them to discriminate has gotten the attention of the HHS. But HHS’s reaction has been to hide our criticism.

A Federal Court Has Blocked Trump’s Regulations That Would Deny Countless Women Access To Birth Control

A federal judge in Pennsylvania on Friday blocked rules that the Trump administration issued last October that would allow any employer or university to use religion as an excuse to deny their employees and students health insurance coverage for birth control. 

Our Nation’s Higher Education Law Shouldn’t Include A License To Discriminate

This morning, another bill that allows religion to be used to discriminate started making its way through Congress. Hidden in the bill dubbed the PROSPER Act are several provisions that would allow religious student groups and religious colleges and universities that get taxpayer funds to use religion to get around nondiscrimination policies that protect students and employees at these schools.

We Told The Trump Administration That Religion Is No Excuse To Roll Back Birth Control Access

The birth control rules are not the only attacks by the Trump administration; they are part of their larger strategy to redefine religious freedom as the right to use religion to discriminate.

On #GivingTuesday, Here's A Reminder Of How Your Donations Help Americans United Defend Religious Freedom

Today is #GivingTuesday, an international day of philanthropy that kicks off the charitable season. Thanks to generous gifts from our supporters on #GivingTuesday and throughout the year, Americans United has been able to continue to fight against attacks on religious freedom.

Join Us Today To Say #HandsOffMyBC

Today marks a day of action against President Donald J. Trump’s attacks on contraceptive access. Last month, Trump announced regulations that would allow any employer or university, and even for-profit corporations, to use religion to deny contraception insurance coverage to their employees and students.