Sporting Giants NCAA and Big 12 "Concerned" About Missouri's Discriminatory Constitutional Amendment

After a dramatic 39-hour filibuster and the eventual passage through the Senate, Missouri's SJR 39 is on its way to the House. Fortunately for the opponents of the bill, the business community is not going to take this discriminatory constitutional amendment lying down.

From The Kansas City Star:

The NCAA and Big 12 are already signaling concern about a proposed “religious freedom” amendment to Missouri’s Constitution, Kansas City Manager Troy Schulte said Friday during an interview with KCSP-AM radio.

That’s a trouble sign, Schulte said, that the city’s hopes of hosting future sporting events could be dashed if the amendment becomes law.

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Sporting giants like the NCAA, the Big 12, and the Figure Skating Association aren't the only business leaders opposing the bill. Others broadcast their indignation on Twitter.

The fear of economic reprisal has been an ongoing theme in states with bills that would allow individuals and businesses to use religion to discriminate. Threats of boycotts were brought up over and over again during the debates over the failed West Virginia RFRA, while the Georgia FADA has created a backlash that has included start-ups, celebrities, and businesses, including social media giant Twitter. It seems that the estimated $60 million lost by Indiana due to the state's RFRA is foremost in everyone's minds.