Georgia's FADA Passes The Senate, Businesses Take Notice

After hours of debate, the Georgia Senate passed HB 757, a bill that combined a state FADA bill and a Pastor Protection Act into one devastating piece of legislation.

From Project Q Atlanta:

The Georgia Senate approved a controversial "religious freedom" bill on Friday that would allow faith-based organizations to discriminate against LGBT people.

The measure, approved 38-14 after nearly three hours of debate, came as its sponsor Sen. Greg Kirk defended his First Amendment Defense Act from critics who said it would gut LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination ordinances in place in companies and cities around the state. During the debate over Kirk's bill, opponents worried that the legislation will spark an economic boycott of the state.

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This article also references our blog post on detailing the immense damage this bill could do to Georgia's citizens. 

Georgia's business community is also taking notice. In a series of tweets on Friday, tech start-up 373K, Inc. said that it was time to move on from the Peach State.

As the bill continues to make its way through the legislature, only time will tell whether more businesses will seek to join the exodus.