The Good, The Bad, & The WTF: Top 10 Most Popular Posts In 2015

Though Protect Thy Neighbor has only been around since July, so much has happened in the back-half of 2015 that it was no struggle at all to construct something that every blog seems contractually obligated to post at the end of the year: a top ten list. 

So, without any further ado, relive the good, the bad, and the WTF of Protect Thy Neighbor's Top Ten Most Popular Posts In 2015.

10) Alabama Judges Can Deny Same-Sex Couples Marriage Licenses Because Of One Word In A Segregation-Era Law: Language in legislation matters when it comes to avoiding doing your job.

9) Even Justice Scalia Would Tell Kim Davis To #DoYourJob Or Find A New One: A 2002 statement from Scalia about his inability to serve on the Supreme Court should he decide that the death penalty was "fundamentally immoral" shows that even he knows that you shouldn't try to change a government job to fit your morals. It's better just to find more suitable employment. 

8) Shocker: Pope Francis Supports Government Officials Who Refuse To Issue Marriage Licenses To Same-Sex Couples For Religious Reasons: Pope Francis might seem like a progressive head of the Catholic Church, but his opinion on marriage equality is pretty retrograde.

7) Kentucky County Clerk (No, Not That One) Would Rather Die Than Do His Job : Casey County Clerk Casey Davis (neither a typo nor a relation to the more famous Davis) compares his own personal battles against marriage equality to an actual war.

6) Donald Trump Says... Something... About The War On Christianity: The GOP presidential candidate dumps some Trump Brand Word Salad about the War On Christianity on to the airwaves.

5) DC Church Claims Proposed Bike Lane Goes Against "Constitutionally Protected Rights Of Religious Freedom": A church in Washington, DC, somehow decides that it's appropriate to use a religious freedom argument in a dispute over a bike lane.

4) Kim Davis Supporters Call On Deputy Clerks To Either Stop Issuing Marriage Licenses Or Quit: Irony alert! The world turns topsy-turvy as Kim Davis' supports tell embattled Rowan County deputy clerks that they should either disobey the law or quit.

3) Federal Court Shuts Down Kim Davis Once Again While Others Take Up Her Flag: The law is not on Kim Davis' side, but some anti-LGBT judges are.

2) Kim Davis Sought Support From Lawmakers Months Before Marriage Equality Decision: Kim Davis shows her true colors as a plotting political being, not a simple county clerk.

1) Another Blow For Kim Davis From The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals: The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals refuses to issue a preliminary injunction in Kim Davis' favor, ensuring that she has no legal right to refuse to issue marriage licenses.