Donald Trump Says... Something... About The War On Christianity

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump took to the radio waves to say... something... about the War on Christmas and America's supposed war on Christianity in general with Tony Perkins of of the Family Research Council. It's just as incomprehensible and eyeroll-inducing as you would expect.

From Right Wing Watch:

Well, Tony, I can, tell you this, that religious liberty is very important to me, and I see more and more, especially, in particular, Christianity, Christians, their power is being taken away. I just watch it and I get angry at it. You look at what is going on with other religions, you look at, as an example, what’s happening with respect to Muslims and others where perhaps they just band together better or something. But, you know, the Christian, every year, you just see it more and more.

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If you have the urge to torture yourself today, click the link above to read more of Trump's talking point word salad.