Religious Freedom

Governor Mike Pence and the RFRA Debacle

After Gov. Pence signed SB 101 into law, businesses and prominent Hoosiers took a stand against it: the NCAA, CEOs, NASCAR, law professors, healthcare providers, musicians, authors, performers, athletes, conventions, and entire states announced criticism and even boycotts of the state. 

SNL Rips Religious Refusals Laws

This past weekend, Saturday Night Live parodied the anti-LGBT legislation we cover daily on PTN. In a satirical trailer starring Vanessa Bayer, SNL also sends up the 'Christian persecution' film genre, specifically the widely-panned God Is Not Dead 2

Protecting Our Neighbors Through Religious Accommodations

Last week, the U.S. Army granted Captain Simratpal Singh an exemption to accommodate his Sikh religious beliefs, which require him to keep a beard and wear a turban. He’s the first combat soldier to be granted such an exemption.

Captain Singh belongs to a very short list. Only six other service members have been granted a religious accommodation to wear a beard since 2009. One of these soldiers is Dr. Kamal Kalsi, also a Sikh, who was granted an exemption for his beard and turban. However, his accommodation was only temporary; he must renew his request for an accommodation each time he is transferred or deployed. This means that each time his assignment changes, he may be faced with the decision of whether to violate his religious beliefs or leave the service.