Mobile County, Alabama, Issuing Marriage Licenses Again

After just a few days of inactivity, Mobile County has started issuing marriage licenses again. We're pleased to see that sanity has returned to that fair county.

From the press release:

The Mobile County Probate Court will re-open the marriage license window on Friday morning. The window was closed on Wednesday by Probate Judge Don Davis, after the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court issued an administrative order. 

In an abundance of caution, the Court wanted an opportunity to review the order, and to have legal counsel research the matter. The Court is now satisfied, on the advice of counsel, that the appropriate action is to open the window and resume issuance of marriage licenses.

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Don't forget: Mobile County may be issuing licenses again, but there are still either other Alabama counties that are denying all requests for marriage licenses. If you live in one of these counties and have been denied a license, our lawyers may be able to help. Contact us at