Mobile County Judge Stops Issuing Marriage Licenses After Roy Moore's Ban

While Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore's announcement on Wednesday banning marriage licenses for same-sex couples was largely greeted with surprise and anger, one probate judge decided to cease issuing marriage licenses to all couples in his county.

From Buzzfeed:

...Moore’s move has stopped marriage licenses in at least one county. Mobile County Probate Judge Don Davis — who had been caught between the conflicting state and federal court orders last year — stopped issuing marriage licenses altogether on Wednesday afternoon.

“Well, we have closed,” Russell Davidson, a supervisor of the court’s division that handles marriage licenses, told BuzzFeed News. “At this time, we are not issuing any licenses until further notice.”

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"Most probate judges seem to have wisely decided to ignore Roy Moore and continue issuing marriage licenses in compliance with the order of the federal court in Alabama," said Gregory M. Lipper, Americans United's Senior Litigation Counsel. "But some, including the probate judge in Mobile County, have resumed denying Alabama residents their constitutional right to marry. It is remarkable that in 2016, we are still having to remind certain Alabama probate judges that they are required to comply with the Constitution, but here we are."

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