Good News in Alabama: Two Counties Now Giving Marriage Licenses to All Couples

The Houston and Henry county probate judges have resumed issuing marriage licenses to their constituents. All of their constituents.

From the Dothan Eagle:

"Houston and Henry counties will resume issuing marriage licenses Wednesday, and this time, same-sex couples are included...

Houston County Probate Judge Patrick Davenport hasn’t issued any marriage licenses since February.

Henry County Probate Judge David Money suspended issuing marriage licenses to any couples last month after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled same-sex couples had a right to marry."

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In the wake of this decision, Houston County issued its first marriage license to a same-sex couple today.

It's good to see these probate judges following state and federal laws, as well as showing some common decency towards their fellow Alabamans. Perhaps their example may be taken up by Geneva and Pike county probate judges who are currently refusing to issue marriage licenses to anyone.