Wheaton College Cancels Student Health Plan Due To Federal Contraception Requirements

Wheaton College, a Christian school of higher education in Illinois, is refusing to offer its student health plan this year after the Obama administration released new contraceptive accommodations for religious non-profits late last week. 

From Christianity Today

"This coming academic year, Wheaton College will not offer a student health insurance plan (SHIP) due to the federal requirement under Obamacare that the plan offer 'morally objectionable' products and services—abortifacient drugs and intrauterine devices (IUDs).

'Although the college will continue to seek relief in the courts, the college has been forced to quickly make difficult choices,' the school said in announcing the decision on its website. Schools are not required to provide a SHIP benefit to students, but many colleges and universities do so."

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The college has stated that while it does not oppose contraceptives that prevent conception, it considers methods such as IUDs or Plan B "immoral since such contraception may work after fertilization." Since the ACA classifies these methods as contraceptives covered by the law, Wheaton College's solution is to simply take away the option of health insurance for its entire student body, the insurance equivalent of taking your ball and going home.