Kentucky's Anti-LGBT County Clerks Getting An Assist From State Politicians

Kentucky and its recalcitrant county clerks remain in the news, this time with state politicians joining the fray.

From The Courier-Journal:

"Two Republicans in the Kentucky House are sponsoring a bill for the 2016 legislative session that would clear the way for county clerks to deny same-sex marriage licenses based on religious beliefs... The lawmakers issued a press release saying the measure would create a new section of law "protecting county clerks from liability" if they refuse licenses on religious grounds.

Another portion of the legislation seeks to 'protect ministers and churches from civil and criminal liability' for declining to marry same-sex couples. However, no one has tried to force religious leaders to perform the marriages in Kentucky, and many experts who have weighed in on the ruling say it does not impact a minister's discretion in the matter."

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While we won't be seeing any movement on this bill for now, it is a troubling reminder that even though we have won marriage equality, there are forces that are working towards rolling back the rights of LGBT Americans based because of religious beliefs.