'Hobby Lobby' Was Never About Religious Liberty

When the Obama administration's newly updated  contraception accommodations came down late last week, anti-choice supporters showed their true colors.

From RH Reality Check:

"...[T]he Obama administration has created a workaround that more than satisfies the official claim that [the Hobby Lobby ruling] isn’t about preventing contraception use; it’s just about not participating in it. All employers who have this oh-so-sincere belief, all they have to do is send in a letter formally declaring that contraception violates their religious doctrines, and they won’t have to pay for it. Instead, the insurance company will just pay directly. No big surprise here. But the supposed defenders of religious liberty are already outraged, because that’s never been what this is about. Rather, it’s about imposing anti-choice dogma on people who don’t agree with it."

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The government has made opting out of paying for contraceptives due to religious beliefs incredibly easy, yet there are still religious non-profits (like the Little Sisters of the Poor and University of Notre Dame) who refuse to even take that step. If the issue was really about refusing to pay for something that violates organizations' religious beliefs, shouldn't they cheering these accommodations from the rooftops?

The fact that they are still complaining tells you everything you need to know.