Ted Cruz Calls Marriage Equality Decision "One Of The Greatest Threats To Our Democracy"

Ted Cruz made an appearance on a conservative activist conference call recently, during which he answered some questions about marriage equality and other LGBT issues posed by religious extremist Peter LaBarbera. You can just imagine how that went.

From Right Wing Watch:

LaBarbera asked Cruz how he would reverse the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling and if he would “end Obama’s policy of actually flying the rainbow flag at U.S. embassies worldwide” and oppose “the Equality Act, which I’m calling the Homosexual Superiority Act, in Congress.”

Cruz only answered LaBarbera’s first question about the Obergefell case, railing against the landmark gay marriage decision as “one of the greatest threats to our democracy we had seen in modern times,” and went on to criticize President Obama for being “more interested in promoting homosexuality in the military than he is in defeating our enemy.”

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