Evidence Suggests That Accused Planned Parenthood Gunman Is Indeed A "Christian Terrorist"

In a fascinating article, ThinkProgress presents evidence that Robert Lewis Dear, the accused Colorado Planned Parenthood gunman, should be considered a Christian terrorist according to the prevailing definition of religious terrorism.

From ThinkProgress:

As investigators scramble to make sense of last week’s tragic mass shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado, new details have emerged about the possible motivations of the alleged gunman: namely, that his actions may have been inspired not only by politics, but also a warped understanding of the Christian faith...

But while some famous conservatives such Mike Huckabee were eventually willing to call the massacre a case of “domestic terrorism,” many on social media demanded that right-wing politicians refer to Dear as a “Christian terrorist.” They noted that it is hypocritical for GOP presidential candidates such as Marco Rubio to mock President Barack Obama for not using the phrase “Islamic terrorism” when discussing militant groups such as ISIS, but avoid ascribing the same standard to terrorists who cite Christianity as their inspiration.

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