Alabama Quibbles Over $200,000 In Legal Fees After Marriage Equality Case

Remember back in September when we mentioned that Alabama taxpayers may be on the hook for $200,000 in legal fees following the state's loss in a marriage equality lawsuit


The Mobile attorneys who successfully litigated Alabama's landmark gay marriage decision are asking for an excessive amount of legal fees and costs related to the case, according to the state.

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange said in an Oct. 21 filing in the U.S. District Court of Mobile that the nearly $200,000 in reimbursable costs claimed by the two attorneys is "excessive in light of the work performed and the results achieved."

"The fee they claim is entirely excessive and should be cut dramatically," the filing states.

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"Excessive in light of the work performed and results achieved?" If the recognition of a couple's legal right to marry isn't worth $200,000, then we don't know what is.