SCOTUS Asked To Take Up Same-Sex Adoption Case

The lawyers of a Alabama same-sex couple are looking to bring their case before the Supreme Court.

From Buzzfeed News:

The Supreme Court could revisit the issue of same-sex couples’ rights as soon as this term if the justices take up the appeal of a woman whose Georgia adoption of her former partner’s children was ignored as “void” by the Alabama Supreme Court in September.

The legal issue here, however, doesn’t directly relate to marriage or even same-sex relationships — centering instead on whether Alabama violated the Full Faith and Credit clause of the Constitution by not respecting the Georgia court’s adoption ruling.

Warning of the “grave practical harm” of the decision, the lawyers for the woman on Monday asked the Supreme Court to hear the case, in part, because it presents “the ultimate conflict of authority — dueling court orders in different states — and threatens to shatter the legal ties that bind numerous Alabama adoptive parents to their children.”

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