Oregon City Council Member Promises "Ass Whooping" To Transgender Children, Calls Muslims "Pure Evil"

Presented with no comment, but an exasperated sigh.

From The Slot:

The interesting thing about many city councils across this great nation is that, not infrequently, the people elected to them are absolutely bonkers. And yet, somehow, they get elected year after year. Is it low voter turnout? Some kind of masochism on the part of voters? A true lack of better options?

Coming along just in time to prove our point is Micky Garus, 35, of the Dallas, Oregon City Council, who’s served for about a year, and who’s making news this week for an impressive run of truly dumb and bad statements on his Facebook page. They include calling Muslims “pure evil” and, in a post he quickly deleted, threatening to deliver an “ass whooping” to any transgender children who might use the bathroom at a school his kids attended.

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