Getting Huffy In Dallas: GOP State Senator Wants To Bring LGBT Protections Up For Vote

Someone is taking a cue from the HERO's opponents.

From RawStory:

Freshman State Sen. Don Huffiness (R) has been holding town hall meetings to advocate bringing the protections for LGBT people, which have been on city books for 13 years, up to voters, KERA reports.

“I think the voters in Dallas would love the opportunity to weigh in on that issue and fully vet it,” he told the station, though its a long-standing law. ” We need to sit back and look at it in a rational, calm manner and really see what’s the real need? Why do we need it, and what does it really do?”...

According to KERA, Huffiness also used his town hall meetings to push for teaching Creationism — a religious idea not accepted by academic authorities that the Christian god created the Earth 6,000 years ago — in public schools.

“I look at creationism as believing in a supreme being, believing in God,” Huffines [sic] said at the town hall Wednesday. “I believe all students should understand that. Maybe not as science, but certainly in the context of a curriculum.”

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Unfortunately for Senator Huffiness, Dallas just expanded its LGBT protections, so he should probably take that as a sign that he should peddle is brand of discrimination somewhere else.