PA Amish Man Claims Firearm Photo ID Law Violates Religious Freedom

You sometimes see RFRA pop up in the most unexpected of places. Here's the latest example.

From PennLive:

An Amish man living in Northumberland County whose religious beliefs prevent him from being photographed is challenging the photo identification requirement to purchase a firearm.

Andrew Hertzler claims in a suit filed Friday in U.S. Middle District Court that the requirement is a violation of his constitutional right to possess a firearm and of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act...

Hertzler states he is an active member of the Amish faith and community in Lancaster County with a sincerely held religious belief that prohibits photographs being taken of him.

The suit states Hertzler on June 2 was not allowed to purchase a gun for self-defense purposes at a Pennsylvania licensed firearms dealer with his state-issued non-photo ID.

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