Jindal Asks For Dismissal of Special Protections Lawsuit

Governor Jindal is not backing down from the challenge to his executive order that grants protections for those who oppose marriage equality.

From ABC News:

Gov. Bobby Jindal's lawyer has asked a state district judge to throw out a lawsuit that challenges Jindal's executive order offering special protections to people who oppose same-sex marriage.

Judge Todd Hernandez heard arguments in a hearing about Jindal's request Monday but did not immediately rule.

Jindal's "Marriage and Conscience" executive order prohibits state agencies under his control from denying licenses, benefits, contracts or tax deductions in response to actions taken because of someone's "religious belief that marriage is or should be recognized as the union of one man and one woman."

The governor, courting evangelical voters in his long-shot Republican presidential campaign, described the May 19 order as a protection of "religious liberty" for Christians who oppose same-sex marriage.

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This order smacks of pandering to the Religious Right in return for coveted votes. Another choice quote from the article: "[Jindal's lawyer] acknowledged there was no evidence to suggest that any state agency planned to deny licenses, contracts or tax breaks because of a person's opposition to same-sex marriage — even before Jindal issued the order." It's a ridiculous misuse of an executive order gussied up to make its progenitor look like the savior of Christian "religious liberty".