Wyoming Judge Asks Supreme Court For Permission To Discriminate Against Same-Sex Couples

A Wyoming judge has asked the US Supreme Court to consider whether she has the right to refuse to marry same-sex couples due to her religious beliefs.

Georgia GOP Committee To Debate Resolution Urging Gubernatorial Candidates To Support "Religious Freedom" Legislation

Some Georgia Republican party activists have not given up on passing “religious freedom” legislation that could use religion to justify discrimination and deny rights and access to healthcare to others.

Kim Davis Refused To Recognize Marriage Equality, And Now Kentucky Taxpayers May Pay For That

The cost of ending the legal battle over Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis’ refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples may exceed $220,000—and Kentucky taxpayers currently are on the hook.

Do No Harm Act: Preserving Religious Freedom And Protecting People From Harm

Freedom of religion is a fundamental American value. Our laws should be a shield to protect this freedom and not a sword to harm others.

Taxpayer-Funded Child Welfare Agencies Can Now Use Religion To Discriminate In Texas

Yesterday Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed HB 3859, and now child welfare agencies receiving state funds can refuse to serve vulnerable children based on the agencies’ religious beliefs. The law is so broad that an agency can even refuse to place children in adoptive and foster homes. 

Federal Appeals Court Should Rule Religion Can’t Be Used As Excuse To Discriminate Against Gavin Grimm And Other Transgender Students

Gavin Grimm didn’t ask to be the face of the fight for transgender civil rights in America. But that’s just what he became when he asked his Virginia high school to recognize his humanity.

Equality Act: Equality The Right Way

US Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Oregon) and US Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) today introduced the Equality Act, which would protect LGBTQ people from discrimination. It builds on our nation’s tradition of expanding civil-rights protections to ensure that more of our neighbors are protected from discrimination based on who they are.

Texas "Religious Freedom" Bills Could Discriminate Against Children And Families

Americans United supports true religious freedom—the freedom to believe or not believe according to your own conscience. SB 892 and HB 3859 pervert this cherished American right, allowing taxpayer-funded child-welfare agencies to use their religious beliefs to harm children who need a caring home and the families that long to provide one for them.

Why We’re Fighting Religion-Based Discrimination in West Virginia

This post was written by Samantha Brookover and Amanda Abramovich of West Virginia, the two plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit Americans United and our allies filed today in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of West Virginia.

North Carolina Legislators Try (And Fail) To Ban Marriage Equality

On Tuesday, just before the filing deadline for bills for the North Carolina legislature’s regular session, state GOP legislators introduced a ridiculous anti-LGBTQ bill, HB 780, which would ban marriage for same-sex couples. Less than 24 hours later, House Speaker Tim Moore declared that the bill would not advance, effectively killing this misguided legislation.

Federal Court Rulings Are Important Victories For LGBTQ Community. Now We Must Fight To Protect Them

This week's rulings in federal court are undoubtedly huge victories for the LGBTQ community. It also means that now’s the time to be even more vigilant in protecting against efforts to undermine the progress towards full LGBTQ equality.

Former U.S. Senator Alan Simpson Warns President Trump Against Signing Draft "Religious Freedom" Executive Order

Last week, former U.S. Senator Alan Simpson, a Republican from Wyoming, extended a piece of advice to fellow Republican President Donald J. Trump on his rumored draft “religious freedom” executive order that would allow the use of religion to discriminate: “Don’t do it.”

Governor McAuliffe Vetoes Virginia's Dangerous "Religious Freedom" Legislation

Today Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe vetoed SB 1324/HB 2025, a combination First Amendment Defense Act and Pastor Protection Act that would have allowed religion to be used as an excuse to discriminate against LGBTQ Virginians. In his veto statement, Governor McAuliffe called the bill “unconstitutional” and stated that any bill that privileges one religious belief “equates to discrimination under the guise of religious freedom.”

A Focus On: Georgia's Dangerous Adoption Bill

After the backlash Georgia faced last year when the legislature attempted to allow taxpayer-funded discrimination, it’s surprising that the state senate is willing to go down this road again. And even shocking that they made the target of discrimination youth who need adoptive and foster homes and the parents who want open their hearts to them.

Neil Gorsuch Is The Wrong Choice For A Seat On The Supreme Court

In this excerpt from AU's Wall of Separation blog, Director of Communications Rob Boston explains why Neil Gorsuch, President Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court, is a danger to true religious freedom.

Broad Arkansas FADA Could Have Devastating Effect On Arkansans

Today, the Arkansas House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hear HB 2232. Although the bill’s title claims it would it promotes “non-discrimination” and protects “religious liberty,” it would do the exact opposite.

Wyoming Supreme Court Rebukes Judge For Refusing To Marry LGBTQ Couples

Judge Ruth Neely, a municipal judge and part-time circuit court magistrate in Pinedale, Wyoming, has never been asked to preside over the marriage of a same-sex couple. Nonetheless, she announced that, based on her religious beliefs, she’d refuse to do so if asked. Last week the Wyoming Supreme Court formally reprimanded Judge Neely because she wouldn’t treat everyone the same way and apply the law fairly.