Federal Judge Says Key Protections Against Discrimination in the ACA Will Violate RFRA

On New Year’s Eve, a federal judge sided with states and stopped the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services from implementing the protections barring sex discrimination in the provision of healthcare services. As a result, individuals who are transgender and who’ve had abortions are at risk.

ACA Non-Discrimination Regulations Under Attack By Providers Seeking Religious Exemption

Jessica Mason Pieklo of Rewire details the assault on Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act, a non-discrimination provision that protects against denial of healthcare services based on sex. 

New Lawsuit Claims Healthcare Professionals Should Have Religious Exemptions When Caring For Transgender Individuals

Texas and four other states filed suit against the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on Tuesday, claiming that healthcare professionals should be able to deny transgender individuals necessary medical care if it violates their religious beliefs. This is the second lawsuit brought by Texas that directly attacks the rights of the transgender community.

Federal Appeals Court Rules That Employee Pensions At Religiously Affiliated Organizations Are Protected

Employees at religiously affiliated organizations in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin can breathe a sigh of relief today—now that a federal appeals court has ruled that their pensions and employee benefits are safe for now.


Religious Right Curiously Silent During Management-Muslim Religious Liberty Dispute

With two different labor disputes between management and Muslims looking to fulfill their religious practice of praying five times a day, the most notable silence is coming the traditional defenders of religious freedom, the Religious Right.

Milwaukee County Sheriff Wants "Revolution" in Face of Marriage Equality Ruling

From Right Wing Watch:

"'The next time in your state the federal government tries to put a church or a bakery or a pizza place out of business because they want to live by their religious conviction,” [David Clarke] said, “when I talk about pitchforks and torches, you need to get down there, surround that business and dare the federal government to come in and close it. That’s the revolution I’m talking about, it has to start in the states.'"