Louisiana Governor To Rescind Anti-LGBT Executive Order

In the wake of Governor Nathan Deal's veto of HB 757 in Georgia, Governor John Bel Edwards' press secretary has announced that the Louisiana governor will rescind the anti-LGBT executive order issued by Bobby Jindal in 2015.

From Advocate:

Jindal, a Republican who once sought his party’s presidential nomination, last year issued the Marriage and Conscience Order, which bars the state from taking punitive action against an individual, business, or nonprofit group acting in accordance with a “religious belief that marriage is or should be recognized as the union of one man and one woman.” While the order says this should “not be construed to authorize any act of discrimination,” it was designed to protect those with antigay views — for instance, business owners who don’t want to provide goods or services for same-sex couples' weddings.

Jindal issued the order after legislation to this effect failed to pass. His order stands until another governor repeals it, and that is what Edwards, a Democrat who took office in January, intends to do.

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