North Carolina Rushes Anti-LGBT Bill Through Legislature

North Carolina lawmakers are so dead set on passing a bill that would ban all cities in the state from enacting anti-discrimination ordinances that they convened a special session today that is costing $42,000 in taxpayer funds. And, in an effort to get their dollar's worth, legislators look ready to pass HB 2 through both chambers before the end of the day.

According to Towleroad, lawmakers "were anxious to override an LGBT rights ordinance recently passed in Charlotte that is set to take effect on April 1." You may remember this anti-discrimination law as the one that put Governor Pat McCrory in a huff back in February, when he threatened "immediate State legislative intervention." You may as recall that Charlotte's city council passed the law anyway, despite the governor's protestations.

Just today, HB 2 has passed out of committee and been approved by the North Carolina House. The bill will be taken up by the Senate at 5:00pm. You can listen to audio here