MPAA Is "Confident" That Georgia's Governor Will Not Sign Discriminatory Bill

Georgia's HB 757, a bill that sanctions discrimination based on religion, is getting poor reviews in Hollywood. Yesterday, entertainment industry paper Variety reported that a Motion Picture Association of America official is very sure that Governor Nathan Deal will not sign the bill into law.

From Variety:

An MPAA official said on Monday that officials at the organization are “confident” that Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal won’t sign what they called a “discriminatory” religious liberty bill that was passed by state lawmakers last week...

“We are confident that Governor Deal will not allow a discriminatory bill to become law in Georgia,” said Vans Stevenson, senior vice president of state government affairs.

The state has gone through a production boom, as its 30% credit is one of the most generous incentives in the country.

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Georgia's film and television industry is booming, leading activists to call upon production companies to use their heft to protest HB 757.