Christian Universities Request Exemptions From Title IX's LGBT Protections

As Title IX expands to include more rights for LGBT students and employees at universities around the country, Christian institutions– including those receiving federal funding– are demanding exemptions.

From Newsweek:

This new interpretation [to Title IX] would allow transgender students and faculty to use the restrooms, dormitories, locker rooms and pronouns of the gender they identify with. It would also allow them to dress and express themselves as the gender they identify with or keep their transition/transgender status private.

Almost immediately following the new interpretation, Christian colleges from all over the country, such as Liberty University in Virginia and Southwest Baptist University in Missouri, started requesting exemptions from this interpretation of Title IX. These exemptions would allow schools to be free from liability and legal obligation to follow certain portions of Title IX and its accompanying regulations that are inconsistent with the tenets of its religion. Thirteen schools filed for an exemption in 2014, and 43 schools filed for an exemption in 2015. Twenty-six states had at least one Christian college requesting an exemption, with California and Texas topping the list.

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