Republicans, Business Leaders Uneasy About Georgia's "Religious Freedom" Bills

Some Georgia Republicans are finding themselves extremely uneasy about the state's "religious freedom" bills.

From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Georgia’s fight over religious freedom and gay rights spilled Tuesday into the hallways of the Capitol, with both supporters and opponents making their case about so-called “religious liberty” legislation that has vexed Georgia’s corporate leaders, gay community and members of the state’s Republican Party....

One group, Georgia Republicans for the Future, said millennials like themselves did not view sexual orientation or gender identity as a threat and said pursuit of the bills hurt the party’s brand. 

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And politicians aren't the only ones getting nauseated at the thought of these bills becoming law. Business leaders are seeing a grim future for the state as LGBT activists, including the beloved actor George Takei, took to Twitter and used the dread "B" word.

Hopefully Georgia lawmakers will take to heart the lesson of the Indiana RFRA and dump these bills while they have the chance.