West Virginia City Council Considers Whether To Condemn State's RFRA Bill

The Morgantown City Council is considering a resolution to condemn HB 4012, West Virginia's RFRA bill.

From The Daily Athenaeum:

New preliminary research from a marketing professor at West Virginia University suggests that when businesses actively display religious expression, potential customers are less likely to purchase services or goods from the business.

The research by Paula Fitzgerald was presented to the City Council at its committee meeting of the whole Tuesday evening along with other business leaders condemning "religious freedom" bill likely to pass through the legislature this session.

"How can we continue to boast inclusion if we allow a bill that actively discriminates people in our community?" asked Billie Murray, a WVU student and member of the city’s Human Rights Commission.

Because of such strong opposition to the bill, the council will consider a resolution—that the Morgantown Area Chamber of Commerce suggested—condemning the legislation.

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