Differentiating Between True Religious Freedom And Discrimination

Have you ever wondered why we sometimes use quotes around phrases like "religious freedom" and "religious liberty" when referring to legislation and lawsuits that could harm others in the name of religion? We're doing it to differentiate between true religious freedom (the right to practice your faith according to your conscious) and the ever-growing movement to use religion to discriminate against our neighbors. Religion Dispatches's Sunnivie Brydum explains this concept in further detail.

From Religion Dispatches:

...[T]he cold, hard truth is that sometimes scare quotes are warranted. Particularly when they are placed around phrases that have been co-opted to serve as an ideological bludgeon—as is so often the case with complaints about violations of religious liberty. Because, to hear most right-wing American pundits tell it, “religious liberty” is the only weapon left for the faithful to stop the sinful advance of LGBT equality, in particular.

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