Georgia Has LGBT Discrimination On Its Mind

Georgia's legislative session doesn't begin until next Monday, but that hasn't stopped speculation about upcoming bills that would restrict the full use of government services (including marriage licensing) to the LGBT community.

From 90.1FM WABE:

A new bill from Republican state Sen. Greg Kirk of Americus would protect public employees who object to same-sex marriage, but at this point even its sponsor said he is uncertain exactly how far those protections will extend throughout Georgia governments.

Kirk said the bill would protect individuals who do not want to issue marriage licenses based on their religious beliefs, but he is not sure whether the bill he plans to make official next week will affect employees who issue death certificates or certain tax benefits.

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Senator Kirk's uncertainty is valid, since there has been pushback in Georgia to similar legislation, including a RFRA that has set off uneasy murmurs in both the political and business communities. We'll be keeping an eye on the Peach State to see how all of this shakes out.