Committee Recommends Removal Of Oregon Judge Who Screened LGBT Marriage Applicants

The Oregon judge who was made infamous for both his screening of LGBT marriage applicants and for having a portrait of Hitler on his wall is in danger of losing his job.

From Towleroad:

An Oregon commission investigating judge Vance Day has recommended that Day be removed from his post because of a series of flagrant ethical violations that includes refusing to marry same-sex couples.

The commission declared that Day’s actions amounted to “criminal behavior”, adding, “His misconduct is not isolated. It is frequent and extensive. …(P)ossibly the most disturbing, Judge Day has engaged in a pattern of dishonesty. Although the goal of much of his disingenuousness appears to be covering up misconduct, some of this conduct seems to have other independent objectives.”

The commission went on to state, “Judge Day shows no outward sign of comprehending the extent or nature of his ethical violations. His misconduct is of such a nature as to impugn his honesty and integrity.”

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