New Mexico's RFRA Bill Is Mostly Dead

New Mexico's HB 55, the state's RFRA bill that would allow businesses to discriminate based on the owners' religious beliefs, is unofficially dead. 

From KOB4:

"It's not going to happen," said Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez. "We're going to protect our citizens and we are not going to let anybody discriminate against them for any reason whatsoever. It will not happen on my watch."

"It just sends the wrong signal," said Sen. Peter Wirth, a Santa Fe Democrat. "I've had business folks who have moved businesses here call me up saying what in the world is this - why would we do this? This is not what New Mexico is about."

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Since the bill's death is still unofficial, our Legislation Tracker for HB 55 still reflects its official status. We'll update it when we have confirmation from state sources.