National Organization for Marriage Starts Petition To Limit LGBT Rights In Indiana

The National Organization for Marriage has started a petition calling on Indiana Governor Mike Pence to oppose a "bathroom bill" that would grant rights to LGBT individuals. 

From Joe. My. God:

Unbelievably, Republican Governor Mike Pence of Indiana is considering endorsing a Bathroom Bill in Indiana that would ignore the reality of being male and female and allow men to use intimate facilities reserved for women and girls (bathrooms, showers, locker rooms, etc.) He’s considering kowtowing to the radical left despite the overwhelming voter rejection of a similar proposal in Houston just a few weeks ago.

Once seen as a conservative rising star among Republican elected officials, Pence badly mishandled the religious liberty issue last year in Indiana and signed into law legislation that seriously damages the ability of Hoosiers to live out their faith in their everyday lives. Now he is considering going even farther — letting men into intimate facilities reserved for girls and women.

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"Damages the ability of Hoosiers to live out their faith in their everyday lives"? Odd statement, considering that the law that did pass last year has a lot that favors the Religious Right, to the detriment of women and the LGBT community.