This Just In: Sun Still Rises In The East, Scalia Still Mad About Marriage Equality Decision

In case you thought that Justice Antonin Scalia was mellowing in the months following Obergefell, let the following disabuse you of the notion.

From The Huffington Post:

It a Tuesday speech at Rhodes College, which his grandson attends, the justice blasted the decision, calling it the "furthest imaginable extension of the Supreme Court doing whatever it wants," according to The Associated Press.

Scalia dissented in the case, accusing the court of being a "threat to democracy" and the justices who ruled for a constitutional right to marriage for gay couples the "Ruler of 320 million Americans coast-to-coast."

The speech at Rhodes seemed to signal that his dismay over gay marriage continues.

"Saying that the Constitution requires that practice, which is contrary to the religious beliefs of many of our citizens," Scalia said, "I don't know how you can get more extreme than that."

He added, "I worry about a court that's headed in that direction."

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Justice Scalia has been on the Supreme Court for 28 years, so presumably he's learned in that time that court decisions aren't made on the basis of fundamentalist religious beliefs. They are made based on the Constitution, which by its very nature is blind to religion. 

The bottom line is this: the Supreme Court's marriage equality decision granted a basic American right upon millions, hurting no one in the process. The Religious Right should look to their own souls on this and get out of the American people's way.