Deputy Clerk Alleges Kim Davis Interfered With Marriage Licenses Against Court Order

You might have heard the name Brian Mason in conjunction with the Great Kim Davis Debacle of Rowan County, Kentucky. One of Davis' deputy clerks, Mason spoke to the press during his boss's imprisonment, announcing to the country that he would continue to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples regardless of the county clerk's opinion on the matter. Since then, he's done just that, ignoring the raging political battle going on outside his office doors. Unfortunately for Davis, some changes she has made to the marriage license forms has inspired Mason to speak out again. 

From Jezebel:

The Guardian reports that Rowan County deputy clerk, Brian Mason filed notice with a Kentucky district court alleging that Davis, “may have altered forms used in the marriage licensing process, raising questions over the validity of licenses issued in the county.”...

Mason told the court that Davis took the original forms that he issued this week and “handed out an altered form that did not include her name and does not mention the county.” In the filing, Mason’s lawyer, Richard Hughes, said: “Those changes were made in some attempt to circumvent the court’s orders and may have raised to the level of interference against the court’s orders.” 

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As you may remember, one of the conditions of Kim Davis' release was that she would not interfere with the business of issuing marriage licenses. Brian Mason and his lawyer clearly believe that she has not been holding up her end of the deal. 

The court has a tough decision to make here. Is this interference egregious enough to warrant re-imprisoning Kim Davis, probably inviting a second round angry protests and GOP presidential candidates to come swarming into Rowan County? Or does it side with Kentucky's governor, who has said that the marriage licenses on the current system are valid and let it slide? Until that decision is made, we'll be watching and waiting.