Texas Hilton Hotel Chef Allegedly Refused To Cater A Same-Sex Wedding

A Hilton Hotel chef in the Dallas suburb of Richardson, Texas has allegedly refused to cater a same-sex wedding in the hotel. Daren Merchant and Rick O’Connor, a couple who has been together for over 24 years, approached the hotel to schedule ceremony and party. 

Unfortunately, it wasn't going to be as easy as all that. Merchant's daughter, who works at the hotel, overheard the hotel's head chef claiming that he would not cater the wedding.

From Towleroad:

"'The chef was refusing to do the dinner for the reception. He had major issues with us being a gay couple,' said Merchant. '…About us having the right to be married, about it creating the apocalypse, about it causing all sorts of other issues, comparing us to Caitlin Jenner.'"

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While this situation would be a no-brainer if the hotel was located in Dallas, which has an anti-discrimination ordinance, Richardson has no such law on the books. What happens now will be up to Hilton.