Kentucky Clerk Defies Injunction and Again Refuses to Issue Marriage Licenses

If you're having trouble keeping up with the ongoing saga of Kim Davis, the Rowan County clerk doggedly refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, you're not alone. Davis' discriminatory antics are coming fast and furious, and with today's latest outrage against decency and the rule of law, it's getting difficult to keep track. With this in mind, we present to you...

The Kim Davis Timeline

June 30

The Associated Press reports that Davis is refusing to issue marriage licenses in Rowan County to either same-sex or straight couples.

July 2

Davis becomes the first county clerk in Kentucky to be sued after the marriage equality decision handed down by the Supreme Court. The ACLU files on behalf of two same-sex couples and two opposite-sex couples.

July 6

Same-sex couple David V. Moore and David Ermold are refused a marriage license by Davis. The two men capture the refusal on camera and post the video online the next day.

August 4

Davis sues Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear for violating her religious freedom in asking her to honor her oath and do her job. The county clerk is represented by the Liberty Counsel.

August 12

A federal trial court grants an injunction against Davis, reasoning that the clerk's “'no marriage licenses' policy likely infringes upon Plaintiffs’ fundamental right to marry, and because Davis herself is unlikely to suffer a violation of her free speech or free exercise rights". 

Davis' lawyers immediately file an appeal with the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

August 13

Davis, on the advice of the Liberty Counsel, defies the judge's order and turns away a same-sex couple seeking a marriage license. The kicker? That same-sex couple was David V. Moore and David Ermold, the same couple who caught Davis' first refusal on film.

The Liberty Counsel has asked for a stay of the court's decision, but this morning's violation happened without any stay in place.

Now that things have come full circle, we're at a loss as to why Kim Davis even wants this job. Most workplaces would not require her to take an oath to provide government services to the community, so why stick with one that enforces a policy that she finds so repugnant? Our guess is that she longs to be a political martyr, a position whose only oath is to a higher power.