Virginia Republicans Preparing to Pursue Discriminatory Legislation Against Same-Sex Couples

From The Washington Post:

"Gay rights advocates in Virginia and across the country have said repeatedly that they have no interest in forcing religious leaders to marry gay couples if they don’t want to. Gilbert said if that’s the case, “no one will mind if we put that in writing.”

“Religious people are right to be wary of where this agenda is headed,” he said. “It remains my position that the far left does not simply want to protect the rights of gay individuals. Their ultimate goal is to tear down religious institutions and belief systems.”...

...In a statement Tuesday, [Gov.] Howell emphasized what some have called the next frontier in the quest to woo conservative voters.

“The most pressing concern moving forward is protecting religious liberty,” he said. “We will need to carefully evaluate how this ruling will be applied and make sure we take steps to protect faith leaders, churches, nonprofits and individuals. The House of Delegates will fight vigilantly to protect religious freedom.” "

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