Colorado Bakery Case: When a Cake is More Than a Cake

From The New York Times:

"At issue was whether Jack Phillips, a Colorado bakery owner, had broken state antidiscrimination laws when he refused to make a cake for a gay couple’s wedding reception, citing his religious beliefs. With same-sex marriage now legal everywhere nationally in the wake of the United States Supreme Court ruling in June, his case is being closely watched as a test of the boundary between personal religious objections and legal discrimination.

A lawyer for Mr. Phillips, who is an evangelical Protestant, argued before the Colorado Court of Appeals that his refusal to make the cake was no different from a baker’s rejecting a customer’s request for a cake frosted with an image of the Confederate flag. But lawyers for the gay couple said the refusal was more akin to a bus company turning away a female passenger, or a hospital refusing to treat a gay couple’s child."

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